Northward Acoustics is one of the few companies worldwide entirely  specialized in Studio design.   Whether you are looking  to build or upgrade a Recording & Mixing  facility, a Mastering Suite or a Post-Production Suite, we have the  required knowledge, know-how and on-site experience.   Furthermore, not only do we have highly qualified Acoustics &  Vibrations Engineers and Architects on board, we also have practical  experience of actually working in a studio: we own one. All of us are  also active musicians - so we truly understand what it takes to  design a good studio.  FTB Rooms (Front-To-Back) are our in-house specialty. This unique  new approach to Control Room and Mastering Suite design was  developed to achieve the highest standards in room response &  translation, providing a highly accurate yet natural listening  environment.    Our range of services varies from simple counseling on particular  aspects of a project to full project handling: engineering and design,  follow-up of construction, construction site management and quality  control. And we guarantee the results.    We are also very proud to work in collaboration with some of the  finest companies in the world of Pro Audio and Engineering, which  allows us to offer our clients an all inclusive, highly competitive and  well thought series of packages. Contact us for more information.  SERVICES ACOUSTICS ENGINEERING & STUDIO DESIGN SOLUTIONS FOR PROFESSIONALS